Performances accompanied by stories about the composers, their times and their music. Stream or download for $5.00 or FREE

Into Darkness -Music of 1910-1920

Highlighting Svetlana Belsky's performances of

music from Debussy to Stravinsky, this film

presents these works in the context of contemporary art, history, poetry and more.


J. S. Bach's Little Preludes:
The Gateway to Baroque Mastery

Bach’s 18 Little Preludes, too rarely taught and performed, offer an unparalleled window into Bach’s own pedagogy.  


BBC Radio3 programme
Busoni: Music's Forgotten Visionary


Discussing Ferruccio Busoni's pianistic legacy with the BBC

Painting Chopin

Filmed at the Polish Museum of America as part of the 2021 Chopin In the City Festival.  Music and musical stories for children of all ages.

The Best of EStrella Piano Duo

From Schubert to Stravinsky. The best of EStrella Piano Duo.  Performances accompanied by pictures and stories.

Decoding the Bach Inventions


Each one is a little gem, with surprises, puzzles and jokes just waiting to be discovered.

Ferruccio Busoni:
The Birth of Modern Performance Practice


Comparison of editions, transcriptions and writings by the father of modern Bach performance