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...passionate pianist and scholar…


"... a passionate pianist and scholar...Big and bold music meeting big and bold performance."
            M. L. Rantala, Classical Music Critic, Hyde Park Herald




"an extraordinary performance," "Over and over I was astounded," "Belsky does not miss any of the excitement," "She also uses a huge dynamic range from barely audible to thunderous -- very much in keeping with the work."

           Harrington, American Record Guide (Sep 01, 2014)




"... your many activities, and your writing, and your playing--all of it a tribute to you and your brilliant gifts, and your passionate love for the music!"
            Ann Schein, noted pianist and pedagogue




"She created a remarkable rapport with the audience and her sensitive versatility animated each piece she played... outstanding performance and interpretation of Paderewski’s and Chopin’s compositions."

                Geraldine Balut Coleman, Polish American Journal




“Outstanding performance on Friday’s PianoForte Salon Series! Thanks to you, we had one of our biggest, most enthusiastic audiences ever... I’m sure audiences will be talking about it for a long time to come.”

            Susan Heiserman, Artistic Director, PianoForte Foundation (Jun 11, 2013)




"Amoroso" from Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella" painted pretty textures and featured a marvelously slow crescendo that built up to glorious, big sound... In the performance of (Vladimir Leyetchkiss' transcrpition of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring) there was lots to like. Belsky had sharp contrasts between a very light touch and a big, hard sound. She realized the harsh yet invigorating music with crispness and precision. And she knows how to make raucous sound ravishing."

           M. L. Rantala, Hyde Park Herald (Oct 03, 2012)


…simply divine…


"...a simply divine performance..."
            Jessica Sandy, Music Contributor, Chicago Maroon





"Thank you for playing your program of Busoni compositions... for our ... concert. Your engaging style while introducing the works made for a delightful and informative afternoon."
            Marie Alatalo, Artistic Director, Mostly Music



…a well thought out program performed with flair…


"A well thought out program performed with flair by a woman who has some claim to call herself Ms. Bach-Busoni."

            Concert review, Lakefront Outlook

...a pleasure to hear...

"Chopin’s posthumous “Nocturne in C# Minor” has been a personal favorite for many years and it’s a pleasure to hear it performed so elegantly and sensitively by Dr. Belsky"

            Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano


RR8007 - Svetlana Belsky - Ferruccio Bus
Ferruccio Busoni: The Late Works
      Lux Internum
Stravinsky: Rite of Spring 
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