Dr. Belsky is a dedicated teacher who enjoys sharing her love of music, her rich pianistic heritage and her pedagogical expertise with a wide variety of students from all over the world. 

  • Sheridan Music Studio, Fine Arts Building #908 (410 S. Michigan, Chicago

  • Home Studio, North Shore Suburbs

  • Online via Zoom, Facetime or Skype


2020, Jeremy Burroughs, HM, ISMTA Competition, Collegiate

2020, Harry Yu, HM, ISMTA Competition, Junior

2020, Harry Yu, 3rd, Rising Talents of the World Competition

2020, Harry Yu, 1st prize, Roberta Savler Piano Competition

2020, Baron Cao, University of Chicago Concerto Competition

2020, Anya Shi, Leon Chen, Corona Chen, Gold Medals, CAMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival

2019, Julian Stuart-Burns, Honorable Mention, ISMTA competition, Collegiate Division

2019, Harry Wu and Jerry Wu, Gold Medals, NWSMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival

2017, Kirk Swanson, 2nd place, ISMTA competition, Collegiate Division

2014, Isaak Friend and Sun Woo Park, University of Chicago Concerto Competition

2015, Una Stroda,  Best Chopin Mazurka, Seattle International Piano Competition

2014, Elaine Yao,1st place, ISMTA competition, Collegiate Division

2014, Phil Taylor, University of Chicago Concerto Competition


2013, Sarah Prescott, 2nd place, ISMTA competition,  Collegiate Division


2012, Paul Wang, Second Prize,  Chicago Amateur Piano Competition  


2012, Alice Chen, Farwell Award, Musicians Club of Women


2012, Paul Wang and Nathan Harris, University of Chicago Concerto Competition


2011, Nathan Harris, Honorable Mention,  MTNA competition, Collegiate Division

2010, Paul Wang, 2nd Prize, Best  Romantic Piece, Chicago Amateur Piano Competition  

2010, Alice Chen, University of Chicago Concerto Competition

2008, An Qi, 2nd place, Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition

2008, An Qi, University of Chicago Concerto Competition


Masterclasses Taught

2020, PianoLeague (Virtual)

2020, Carthage University

2020, Sicily International Piano Festival

2019, Wesleyan Music Teachers Association

2019, Illinois Wesleyan University

2019, Texas State University

2019, University of Southern Mississippi

2018, Terre D’Arezzo Piano Festival

2018, Music Institute of Chicago

2016, Kalamazoo College

2015, Eastern Michigan University

2015, University of Notre Dame

2015, Hunter College

2014, Ball State University School of Music

2014, Wheaton College

2014, Rutgers University

2013, University of Arkansas

2012, University of Southern Mississippi

2009, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois

2009,  Norwest Suburban MTA, Park Ridge, Illinois

2009, Carldinal Stritch College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2008, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois             

2007, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

2005, Brooklyn Conservatory, New York


From Students


"First and foremost, Dr. Belsky is an excellent private teacher--one of the best I have ever had during my twenty-plus years studying classical piano. She has an encyclopedic musical knowledge of repertoire of all styles, a remarkable ability to build students' confidence, and constantly pushes her students to excel. Most importantly for non-conservatory students, she is always positive and encouraging, bringing the best out of all." 

        Ryan Dahn

"You are the best piano teacher I can imagine and I felt very lucky that I had chance to learn piano from you." 

        Yiwen Zhou

"My kids have been with Dr. Belsky since 2015. We love her and I am so happy to have her as my kids piano teacher. She does not only teach them theory and techniques about piano but also take them to classical music world. My kids have happy time with her, and my older kid won two Gold medal rewards for sonatina competitions. That encourages my kids continue them piano journey."

        Jun Zhong 


"Svetlana has been teaching my daughter piano for over 4 years, and I couldn’t be happier with her instruction. She knows how to engage kids, and her lessons are always fun. Svetlana arranges for her students to perform at various concerts and competitions which is a good way for kids to build self-confidence and get a sense of achievement. Not only did my daughter make a good progress, but she also learned to love and appreciate music. She is always looking forward to her lessons, and we feel so lucky to have found such an experienced and caring teacher."


After Masterclasses

"Dear Professor Belsky, My name is Ilia Radoslavov and I was one of the judges for the ISMTA/MTNA competition that took place last weekend on the Northeastern Illinois University campus. I had the pleasure to hear both of your students, Benjamin and Sarah, and would like to let you know how impressed I was with their artistic maturity and great sensitivity. It is always a joyful experience when one comes across wonderful talent."

       Dr. Ilia Radoslavov, Assistant Professor of Piano, Illinois Wesleyan University


"Svetlana gave one of the best classes we have had here, and we have hosted some brilliant pianists and pedagogues over the years. The students responded superbly to her instruction and personality. She has a keen intellect and wit. A sure sign of a guest's impression is the fact that students and faculty are still discussing her pedagogical insights and visit several days after she was here."

       Dr. Robert Palmer, Chair, Piano Department, Ball State University


"We also enjoyed your insightful and witty master class, in which you addressed both the performers and the audience. In addition to the strong musical points you were making, I really appreciated your engaging and encouraging yet persistent approach. The performers responded well to you and we could hear the differences your suggestions made."

       Dr. Karin Redekopp Edwards, Professor of Piano, Conservatory of Music, Wheaton College 


"Having class with Svetlana is a process of communicating, discussing, discovering, and enjoying. Her affinity and enthusiasm affected me greatly and her various ways of musical interpretation enlightened me a lot."

       Silin Li, Beijing Conservatory High School